room fragrance refill

The essence of beautiful things - to refill

A sensual homage to inspiring places

As interior designers, we know: What gives a room atmosphere is the subtle interplay of optical, haptic and sensual impressions. With this knowledge, we have created our own room fragrance: a composition of cedar and sandalwood with exotic nuances of vetiver and patchouli.

Bernd Gruber N°01 Refill

To preserve the unique scent in your home, there is a refill for your room fragrance. The exclusive Bernd Gruber N°01 flacon becomes a design constant in your home that can be refilled over and over again.

500 ml (adapted for Bernd Gruber room fragrance >N°01<)
incl. sticks: 30cm

85,00 € 500ml
Deliverable within 2-7 business days
Price incl. VAT plus shipping

Experience the magic of beloved places at any time

Fragrances have almost magical powers: in no time at all they transport us to other places and times by creating a direct connection to our memories and feelings. Bernd Gruber N°01 is the essence of those unforgettable locations that were created to enjoy the beauty of life – and takes us back there again and again.

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