Villa Regensburg


A prestigious property of pure elegance

In the heart of Regensburg a special city villa has been created. The architecture is inspired by classic villas and combines consisting elements with contemporary design to a holistic interior concept. French natural stone and dark oak wood are the key materials. These were merely supplemented with selectively used metal details and precisely adjusted textiles. The reduced selection of materials gives the entire house a consistent and orderly appearance.


January 2017 – April 2019


Concept, execution, building supervision



Holistic design concept on 600 square meters

The aim of this project was to create a property where private rooms were in harmony with appropriate areas for guests and with a natural coherence between the two. It was also necessary that there should be a consistent internal and external appearance throughout. Working in close cooperation with landscape designers and the architects from the PURE Gruppe, we were able to create a comprehensive design concept.