Penthouse Salzburg


Perfection in your own home

Is it easier to design your own home than it is to bring custom made projects for clients to fruition? No, not at all! It can be the greatest challenge of all for interior designers to create their own living space. Ruth and Bernd Gruber have taken up this challenge and created with their two-story apartment a domicile in which their own standards did not allow any compromises.



March 2018 – June 2019


Concept, execution, building supervision



Because beautiful things are better

Coziness, timeless design and an uncompromising approach to function were the most important guidelines for this project. The personal art collection and the recurring warm colors on walls and furniture created an inviting atmosphere. The barely visible storage spaces were integrated unobtrusively into the room structure. Contrary to some conventions, the ceilings are covered with wood and the floor has a concrete look. This object shows how traditional craftsmanship and contemporary interior design merge into a harmonious overall appearance.