Hut Dolomite Alps


Perfect location to be and feel good

In the middle of a ski slope in the Dolomites, this mini chalet looks like a simple mountain hut at first glance. This intentional modesty reflects the client's desire for a private hideaway within nature. The use of high-quality, local materials such as natural stone and matured timber and the cooperation with local craftsmen shows a respectful integration into the surroundings.


January 2018 – January 2019


Concept, execution, building supervision

Breathtaking view and feel-good atmosphere

If you ski all the way up to the hut, you cannot imagine what is hidden behind the automatic shutters. From the inside, the residents have a breathtaking view of the ski slope and the surrounding mountain landscape. One of the main values ​​of the interior concept was communication. Therefore, the central living room with its open plan design, not only offers a combination of living and dining area but also provides enough space for chats along the fireplace. A perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beautiful and simple things in life such as family time, delicious bacon and excellent wine.


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