Detached House West Hollywood Los Angeles


Yearning for blue

California. The American West Coast state stands for laisser-faire and a permanently blue sky. Bernd Gruber repeatedly makes this 'longing for blue' appear in the interior of a property above Beverly Hills as a colour reference: whether as a monolith in the middle of the living area or as a purist kitchen block, as a luminous leather cupboard in a bedroom imbued with the spirit of the West Coast or as a dominant eye-catcher on the floor.

Wood panelling forms a self-confident contrast. Sometimes smooth as an entire wall surface, sometimes with vertical lines, they break through the spaciousness of the space at selected points and thus provide a pleasant grounding, which was sought by the building owners. Its noble origin can be seen in the wood. Mangaris is a native hardwood whose natural colour and resistance meet the high demands!


March 2013 - February 2014


Concept, execution, construction support



From Kitzbühel out into the world

A project in LA – Not even Bernd Gruber does this every day...

We were all the more pleased that the clients with whom we were already able to implement a project in Kitzbühel and Vienna, took us with them into the land of unlimited possibilities. And that's exactly what we love about our job: you can always rethink and break old thought patterns. With the broadening of the horizon and the radius of impact come the challenges. These included not only the transport or customs aspects but above all the coordination of service providers on site. We only really had them under control when our team and Creative Director Philipp Hoflehner were there. This once again showed that personal support, be it for the customer or the construction site, is essential for the quality of our projects.



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