Apartment Grisons Switzerland


Loft or four apartments - this luxury apartment can be both

Located in the Swiss Alps at an altitude of over 1000 metres, this apartment was to fulfil very special functions: The area of around 700 square metres can be used as a single loft or separated into four units by moving movable walls and subdivisions that can accommodate up to 24 people - 20 adults and four children.

Bernd Gruber has designed many elements and furniture especially for this apartment. The surfaces provide an interplay of coarse to fine. They worked with a mix of specially composed spruce folding wood alternating with smooth surfaces, relied on plain natural oak and on Italian natural stone with different surface qualities. The entire floor of the apartment has been created using a continuous, quiet concrete spatula technique.



November 2015 - October 2016


Concept, execution, building supervision



The final touch

In many of our projects, it is the final touch that brings out the incomparable character. Only when room architecture and furniture are combined with beautiful things one feels the love that goes into every single detail. In this project, we were also responsible for the entire design and furnishings and were able to live up to our credo "BECAUSE BEAUTIFUL THINGS ARE BETTER".



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